The number of devices in the home has forced telcos to rethink their parental controls strategy

Device pile


When computers first became mass market you only had to protect the PC in the living room. It made sense to use software. Now with the number of devices in the home, network level protection is simpler. It’s a single click activation for multiple devices with no end user upgrades. This is just one reason why network level parental controls have become widely deployed in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Buddy Guard is our white label parental controls platform which is designed for a telco to promote its brand, not resell the brand of a security software company. This positions the network as safe to enhance the telco brand, improve the value bundle and reduce churn.

Built for telco’s, our API’s are designed to use the telco portal to power the customer experience which increases self-service uptake.

As a managed service, unlike a traditional vendor where you buy an appliance or software application, we provide an SLA, monitoring and all upgrades for the parental controls platform.

Telco’s globally are also typically blocking CSA content, we provide this functionality that allows to turn a regulatory cost centre into a profit centre designed to add value to the end user. Find out more about our parental controls managed platform here.



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