Slingshot’s GM speaks about Front Up on NZTV Breakfast

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New scheme price checks Kiwi vs. rest of world prices and finds New Zealanders are being overcharged on products and services compared to consumers overseas. Slingshot launched Front Up to start a conversation to help show that Kiwis pay over-the-odds for many of the everyday products we buy. By pointing out some of the glaring differences in the cost of goods between ourselves and those other countries we like to consider similar, Front Up hopes to spark a consumer revolution – or at least more awareness.

Taryn Hamilton says “We believe that living full time in New Zealand, we often don’t realise the exceptional prices we pay for the privilege of making a beautiful country our home…

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Slingshot identified some pretty hefty price premiums Kiwis are paying for some of the world’s most popular products, from the world’s biggest brands. Then they went to these companies and asked them to Front Up and explain why this is the case.



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Orcon’s new GM announces the launch Global Mode® – featured on Scoop

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Orcon unlocks the internet with launch of Global Mode

Survey results suggest broadcast TV is dying, with an overwhelming preference to stream online content. Orcon responds with Global Mode and low cost 100Mb/s UFB plans

New Orcon General Manager, Michael Shirley, today announced Orcon customers will be able to access previously blocked international websites with Global Mode, coinciding with survey results pointing to a shift from broadcast TV to online streaming.

Global Mode, now live, is a free and automatic service for Orcon customers that allows Kiwis to access global streaming websites.

Michael Shirley says, “For too long now, consumers have been limited in regards to the websites they can access and content they can watch. Our customers want a platform where they can make those decisions for themselves and it’s great to be able to offer it to them.”

The internet company has also announced a 100Mb/s Fibre plan for $105 per month for 100GB or $115 per month unlimited data, meaning households with multiple devices can really maximise the greater content options now available.

A recent survey of more than 4,000 Orcon customers shows that three out of every four customers prefer to stream content online. And only one in five customers prefer to download content with little support for watching it via traditional broadcast TV.

Mr Shirley says, “We expect this trend to continue. Broadcast TV is dying so we want to give customers access to even more online content, matched with cheaper high-spec ultra-fast broadband plans”.

In June Google awarded Orcon UFB with YouTube HD verification after passing the challenging rating criteria in Google’s new Video Quality Report. The ratings show that Orcon UFB customers stream YouTube in HD at least 90 per cent of the time.

“The Fibre 100 Unlimited plan is perfect for families or flats which consume loads of HD content on multiple devices or enjoy gaming; all while not having to worry about buffering and bill shock at the end of the month,” he adds.

“Streaming online TV shouldn’t have to mean low definition.”

One week into his role, the industry veteran with more than 20 years’ Telco experience, says the future is looking bright for Orcon and Orcon customers.

“We have the right people who are passionate about continuing to bring First World Internet to New Zealand, and we will continue to deliver it through the best, most innovative products and services”.

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TUANZ backs Slingshot in ad row

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The Telecommunications Users Assocation is backing Slingshot in the ISP’s ad row with Sky TV, TVNZ and Mediaworks.

“Tuanz supports Slingshot in bringing competition and choice to its customers, our understanding is that ‘Global Mode’ is legal under the copyright act and is simply a form of digital parallel importing,” acting CEO Chris O’Connell tells NBR ONLINE.

“We are disappointed to see broadcasters using their position to try and limit consumers right to know about legitimate choices for accessing content. New Zealanders are global digital consumer and should be able to access and purchase content.

“The same applies to NZ content that is geoblocked, when our missing million really is the Kiwi diaspora, surely we need to be a beacon of openess and freedom.”

TVNZ has decided to a run revised version of Slingshot’s ad, while MediaWorks has staunchly refused.

Sky TV said it no longer wanted to talk to the media about the controversy, only its client, Slingshot. However, a rep for Slingshot tells NBR the pay TV broadcaster has refused to run the edited version.

Source: NBR

BNSL announces Deluge

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Integrated into VIPER, BNSL’s new global network code named DELUGE allows BNSL to continue it’s exponential user growth. Initial testing showing scalability and ease of deployment will allow seamless on-boarding of 1 Million users overnight.

Over the past three months, we’ve been building Deluge into our new global proxy network. It’s the only proxy network designed to scale 1M+ users overnight. The solution is built using GO  (from Google) and it improves our network reliability, as well as reduces latency.

Because of this upgrade, we’ve been delayed adding new domains. Combined with our new IP allocation we’re in growth mode again and within two months the number of domains in the network will have doubled. For those of sites that have VIPER installed these sites will be added to VIPER automatically.

Retail focused geo-unblocking solutions provision subscribers one by one. Deluge is the only global proxy designed network designed and proven to scale to one million users overnight. Built in Go, and deployed using Ansible, Deluge is quick & scalable. DELUGE provides reliable access and reduces latency.


BNSL launches Buddy Guard

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A wide-open Internet is unsafe for children. Pornography and other adult content is available with ease to curious young minds, and often appears without any explicit action on the part of the child. Social media websites can be distracting and kids are spending more and more time playing games online.

Buddy Guard is a white-label managed service for ISP’s which helps residential customers protect their kids online. The solution is pay as you go and offers the ISP over 60% margin with no upfront capital investment. It works by stopping kids from seeing inappropriate websites from their broadband connection based on time period & category. Because it sees all DNS queries, it is impossible to workaround.

Buddy Guard enables your customer to block inappropriate websites, based on a time period and category. It provides end users the option to customise filters or select preprogrammed filters – like blocking social media and gaming sites, which commonly distract children during homework time.

Offer consumers the choice to stop their teens sending them to the Copyright Tribunal with a simple UI in the ISP portal. – The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011 is proven ineffective at stopping piracy.