Bypass to support latest compliance requirements set by Indian Government

Bypass Network Services provides Regulatory Compliance and Network Level Parental Control services to the Telecom Service Providers in partnership with Ekaga Futuristics Private Limited.

On 18th April the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MEITY) passed an order No.1 (3)/2016-CLFE) to enforce ISP’s in India to adopt the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) resources to prevent the distribution and transmission of online Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

As a member of IWF, Bypass supports this decision but says this is just one step.  Bypass’ customers have access to the IWF blocking capability by default as a part of the managed regulatory control platform. What is missing is the ability for parents to monitor and manage their children’s to access inappropriate adult content on their mobile devices. In some case, this prevents families providing internet access to their child due to this concern. There are multiple layers of filtering, and the growing awareness of parents to the dangers of online content is raising awareness within the telecoms industry of the need to offer a solution.

As a Member of IWF Bypass customers in India have not had to take any additional action to meet this new requirement. Since online child safety is a globally growing concern, Bypass’ IWF partnership is a critical component to ensure its telco customers don’t expose their end users to inappropriate and illegal content.

For further information

Contact: Harkaran Sachdev

Phone: +91 93216 48337


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About Bypass

Bypass creates technology for broadband marketing teams to differentiate their brand and increase revenue. Bypass provides filtering services which keep kids safe online and helps telecommunications service providers meet industry regulated compliance requirements.

About Ekaga

Ekaga Futuristics Private Limited has been setup to address the gap which withholds the latest global innovators to enter into the South Asian market. Ekaga brings in Service Innovation to help such global start-ups enter the market.

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