Bypass is pleased to announce our promotion to the NZTE F700

According to the NZTE, segmentation into F700 is based on a company’s willingness to engage with NZTE, ambition, capability and capacity to grow internationally and past international growth performance.

Our global network is currently processing 47.5 Billion DNS queries per second at peak.

NZTE has played an essential role in helping Bypass navigate international expansion. Of particular value, we’ve benefitted from the Beachheads advisors, who are a network of private sector experts who offer perspective and insights to help our customers grow internationally.

We’re pleased to see that NZTE has recognised our investment in establishing an office in India.

For Bypass, this means a more intensive account managed relationship, where NZTE provides strategic advice and some judicious, trusted advisor insight based on seeing what works across the export sector.

90% of customers agree or strongly agree that NZTE has added value to their business.

We look forward to continuing to strengthen our working relationship with them to support our international growth.

About NZTE
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is New Zealand’s economic development and trade promotion agency. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise helps companies grow internationally, bigger, better and faster, for the benefit of New Zealand.

Robi Safenet keeps children safe on the internet

Auckland/Mumbai: January 29th, 2018 – Leading digital company, Robi, has once again revolutionised Bangladesh’s digital landscape by introducing Robi Safenet – a unique service that allows parents to protect their children from harmful content on the internet through filtering.

Robi Safenet uses intelligent risk detection algorithm to allow/ block specific sites that are inappropriate for children. The service also allows parents to control when their child can use the internet. This is particularly useful to ensure child’s complete focus on their studies. Besides, it allows custom blocking of non-listed app/ URLs that are harmful for children.

In order to subscribe to the service, Robi customers need to visit Once subscription is done successfully, the parents can add their child’s number to start protecting them from the negative aspects of internet. Subscription to this service is free till the end of February 2018.


Commenting on the launch of Safenet, Robi’s Chief Commercial Officer, Pradeep Shrivastava said: “Digital lifestyle is rapidly becoming mainstream in Bangladesh. The imminent launch of 4G service is expected to accelerate this encouraging trend by manifolds. While such changes certainly bodes well for the socio-economic and personal development, it potentially exposes our children to the harmful aspects of internet. As a responsible company, Robi has empowered the parents to ensure their child’s safety on the internet through Robi Safenet. We are confident that this unique service will emerge as the key tool to ensure proper mental growth of our children in the society.”

This service has been launched by Robi in partnership with Bypass Network Services Limited, New Zealand and Ekaga Futuristics Private Limited, India. For further details about the service, Robi customers can visit


About Robi Axiata Limited

Robi Axiata Limited (“Robi”) is a subsidiary company of the Asian telecom giant, Axiata Group Berhad based in Malaysia. Robi is the second largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh. Robi has introduced many first of its kind digital services in the country and has invested heavily to take its mobile network to the underserved communities even in the rural areas. Other shareholders in the entity are Bharti Airtel International (Singapore) Pte Ltd and NTT DOCOMO Inc.


About Bypass

Bypass creates technology for telecommunications marketing teams to differentiate their brand and increase revenue. Bypass provides filtering services which keep kids safe online and helps telecommunications service providers meet industry regulated compliance requirements.


About Ekaga

Ekaga Futuristics Private Limited has been setup to address the gap which withholds the latest global innovators to enter into the South Asian market. Ekaga brings in Service Innovation to help such global start-ups enter the market. Ekaga Futuristics Private Limited is a partner of Bypass Network Services Limited for their operations in South Asia.

WorldLink launches SafeNet – Nepal’s first Safe Internet Service for Families

WorldLink has launched Nepal’s first Clean Internet Service. Being a firm believer of Service Innovation, WorldLink continues to revolutionise Nepal’s broadband market by giving customers a platform which can keep them secure in the online world while providing the freedom to decide their preferences which should not be allowed into the home or workplace.

While the Internet offers Nepal many positive educational, economic and social benefits, unfortunately, there are numerous risks for young people online. By offering self-content filtering integrated into the broadband service, WorldLink is encouraging a healthy dialogue amongst the family, focused on educating young people about the risks of the online world.

WorldLink is also helping its business customers improve workplace productivity and reduce the consumption of unwanted content.

WorldLink Clean Internet Parental Controls VAS Nepal

“WorldLink is committed to providing its customers with the latest digital technology because the digital life of our future generation depends on ensuring their safety online. By launching a content controls service, WorldLink is again standing by its commitment,” says Samit Jana, CTO of WorldLink.

WorldLink selected Bypass Network Services represented by Ekaga Futuristics Pvt Ltd, India. Bypass provides network level parental controls and filtering services which keep kids safe online and helps telecommunications service providers meet industry regulated compliance requirements.

Bypass strengthens team to continue international expansion

Manish Arora has been appointed as VP Engineering – South Asia. Manish’s appointment will provide local operational support for Bypass’ customers in India, Nepal and Bangladesh and pre-sales technical leadership for our partners in developing markets.

“What attracted me to working with Bypass is their focus to differentiate the data connection whether on fixed line or mobile with latest SDN and NFV technology without compromising the user experience”, comments Manish.

This new appointment is due to the results of the successful partnership between Bypass and Ekaga Futuristics, lead by Harkaran Sachdev, which has delivered financial results to justify this investment.

Shane Hobson has been appointed as Territory Manager – NZ and Pacific Islands. Shane has been appointed as Territory Manager to support Bypass’ New Zealand customers and help educate the Pacific Island ISPs about kid safe Internet and workplace productivity.

Bypass is also pleased to announce the appointment of global distribution specialist Comtec to represent Bypass in Qatar, UAE, Hong Kong and the UK markets.

“We are delighted to be working with Bypass because their unique network solutions are increasingly relevant to our carrier clients in the Middle East, Hong Kong and the UK. Their responsiveness and flexibility coupled with Comtec’s local presence in these markets have proved to be a formidable team”, commented John Buck, Comtec’s Managing Director of International Operations, who is based in the UAE.

“Comtec has already proven to-be a valuable strategic partner in the Middle East. Their local knowledge, executive relationships and willingness to jointly invest in market development is showing early signs of success. We’re working collaboratively with them to lead a bid to deploy Bypass’ new gaming acceleration and kid safe platforms with a leading operator.” says Matthew Jackson.

Bypass has also been working with the NZTE, utilising the Beachheads programme to create local strategic relationships. NZTE has helped with introductions and advice for India, Europe, the Pacific Islands and Hong Kong.

About Bypass

Bypass creates technology for broadband marketing teams to differentiate their brand and increase revenue. Bypass provides filtering services which keep kids safe online and helps telecommunications service providers meet industry regulated compliance requirements.

About Comtec

Established in the UK in 1978 Comtec has grown organically and by acquisition to become the UK’s leading supplier of telecoms, datacoms and audio visual equipment and services.

About Ekaga

Ekaga Futuristics Private Limited has been setup to address the gap which withholds the latest global innovators to enter into the South Asian market.Ekaga brings in Service Innovation to help such global start-ups enter the market.



Stuff Fibre confirms Bypass to provide kid safe platform


New fibre only telco, a joint venture behind Fairfax (which owns Stuff and Trademe) and former executives from Sky and Vodafone, has announced Stuff Fibre will utilise Bypass’s Buddy Guard platform to provide a family safe high-speed broadband product.

Stuff Fibre will offer uncapped UFB with a 100 megabit download speed and Auckland-based customer support. Stuff Fibre will not offer copper-based broadband or serve businesses, instead targeting the 80 per cent to 90 per cent of homes that are slated to get fibre-optic.

Although we have 1.5M people in NZ who can access fibre, only 240,000 have opted for this to date. This is a rich market to be exploited or a hard job getting people to sign-up for fibre – according to media commentators Gavin Ellis.

Gavin says this is a strategic move which reduces Fairfax’s reliance on digital advertising market by diversifying the reliance, this is as a good strategic move by CEO Simon Tong, who formerly managed payments provider Paymark so comes from a technology background.

We’re excited by the ability for Fairfax to have major impact in driving an understanding of the benefit for fibre in New Zealand homes and small businesses.

You can read more about Stuff Fibre’s announcement about kid safe Internet here.

Bypass to speak at SANOG28 & DESCON2016

IP geo-location issues were brought into mainstream discussion in New Zealand when Bypass & 15 telecommunications companies were served an injunction to stop operating the world’s first wholesale network level geo-location technology.

The countries two public TV broadcasters, the pay TV operator and the incumbent telecommunications provider worked in unison to shut down geo-unblocking for copyright reasons. This was despite overwhelming public opinion against their move, legal precedent for physical goods parallel importing and the right for the consumer to remove a technical prevention measure so they could watch out of regional zone DVDs.

Since then Bypass reinvented the technology to provide a safe kid experience, with some major differentiators which were developed when we had to figure out how to manage default hard coded DNS settings in an efficient manner. As a result, the managed kid safe app scales to support 10M+ users on a single basic off-the-shelf server, soon to be 3-4x this if R&D continues the way it’s going.

SANOG28 is being held at Trident, Bandra Kurla in Mumbai the first week of August. Bypass has been invited to present about geo-unblocking and explain how geolocation has evolved. For the first time in a public forum, Bypass will explain how the network transparently intercepted DNS to provide end users with an open Internet experience free from country based restrictions.

Then our CCO Matthew is heading up to Europe to provide the Keynote talk at the DesCon 2016 IoT Hackathon in Serbia. The Internet of Things, or IoT, has emerged as the next technology mega-trend. It refers to connecting to the Internet billions of everyday devices – ranging from fitness bracelets to industrial equipment.


DesCon HAckathon

This trend is occurring as the physical, and online worlds merge, opening up a host of new opportunities and challenges for companies, governments and consumers. Interesting enough all IoT devices use DNS so security in the home to see threats from devices regularly calling home is something the technology stack is capable of doing.

The theme for DesCon 2016 is #Fun #Alertness. In the future fashionable devices, wearables and garments will be a part of our daily lives, they will alert us to activities, provide warnings or alert us to useful information about our location. Teams of hackers will spend the weekend creating software to connect physical objects to the Internet in a new and interesting way using sensors, Arduino kits to build wearable fashion items and IoT devices capable of taking and measuring data both from the atmosphere and human bodies.

Matthew will be discussing the repercussions of IoT and how they apply across the business spectrum. The goal is participants will begin to understand how to think strategically about adapting existing business models, security and operations to take advantage of IoT.

Matthew’s secret weapon is innovation from a New Zealand wearable sensor company StretchSense who create wearable motion capture sensors  that measure stretch, pressure, bend, and shear.

Bypass proud to sponsor NetHui & lead Net Neutrality debate

Bypass is proud to announce their sponsorship of NetHui 2015, being held by Internet New Zealand. As a team, we will be involved in two workshops;

If you’re not up to speed on Net Neutrality, and how important it is we’ve provided some links to videos below. These videos are about the Net Neutrality issues in India and the US which unfolded as a result of inaction from ISPs. They’re funny, but have a very serious theme.

  1. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality
  2. AIB : Save The Internet

Internet New Zealand has also invited everyone to collaborate with them, and the New Zealand Internet Community in understanding Network Neutrality in a New Zealand context!

Click here to view the InternetNZ discussion document, and here to participate in the survey and provide feedback!

Bypass Network Services to launch Global Mode for mobile in India

india, mobile market, geo-blocking, net neutrality

Bypass Network Services Limited (Bypass) is excited to announce an agreement has been reached with Varun Sood to represent Bypass in India. The focus of the partnership is the emerging market of geo-unblocking for mobile providers. The agreement is to provide mobile operators and fixed line Internet providers in India with local market representation for Bypass’ world first geo-unblocking product Global Mode. The relationship is already showing benefits with two prominent ISPs in India undertaking the first stages of due diligence.

Varun, an Oxford Business School MBA, joins Bypass with an extensive background in International Business Development & Strategy. Bypass selected Varun based on his professional experience and business relationships in Asia, Africa, and Europe and the understanding of Net Neutrality principles.

“Now is the perfect time for mobile operators to be considering Global Mode due to the Net Neutrality debate,” says Varun. “Bypass is a strong advocate for Net Neutrality, and deploying Global Mode enhances consumer choice to differentiate a mobile offer in a competitive market to grow revenue.”

Net Neutrality is very important for India’s future economic growth. Global Mode is designed to remove unjustified commercial barriers on the internet which restrict the customer’s right to use the Internet the way they choose. ISP’s who support Net Neutrality should be seriously considering the role they can play in removing geo-blocking at a technical level, not just as a policy statement.

Smart DNS services are estimated to be used by over 25% of global Internet users though mainly technical savvy users. Global Mode is integrated into the broadband network to automatically enable geo-blocking removal for ALL users on the network. Thus, it’s much simpler to implement and increases the value of the connection through bundling.

“Only four countries in the world have this method of geo-blocking removal in place. We’re excited to be working with Varun, helping to open up parts of The Internet in India that have until now been inaccessible. Research has shown that the more The Internet is open, the more economic benefit a country receives.” said Patrick Jordan-Smith, CEO of Bypass.

About Bypass Network Services Limited

Bypass provides PaaS products for residential Internet service providers & mobile operators to rapidly capture market share & reduce churn through differentiating their offer in a competitive market. Global Mode® is the world’s first network level managed geo-unblocking solution. Global Mode® is a PaaS and can be deployed in any size broadband network in under ½ a day.

Global Mode expands into Asia with IndonesianCloud

Bypass Network Services (BNSL) has reached agreement with IndonesianCloud to represent Global Mode in Indonesia.

With a rapidly growing middle class in Indonesia, more and more consumers want access to the latest sports, entertainment, and educational content.

Neil Creswell, CEO of Indonesian Cloud, says “We were initially hesitant about providing this platform service due to strict local censorship laws; however with the combination of Global Mode and Buddy Guard we can ensure compliance whilst providing open access to content.” Neil is expecting to attract upwards of ten million subscribers within the first twelve months of launching.

Matthew Jackson of BNSL said that this just showed the global potential for the technology the company has developed. “We’re pleased we are able to work with IndonesianCloud to utilise their local market expertise.” he added.

Big Media Gang takes consumer choice to court

Sky, Mediaworks, TVNZ and Lightbox have once again given Bypass Network Services Limited (BNSL) an ultimatum. Shut down by 12pm today, or we’re taking you to court.

Last week BNSL sought further clarification from Buddle Findlay, the lawyers acting on behalf of the big media gang. BNSL received this at 3:54pm on Friday.

BNSL has just replied to them asking them to consider a declaratory judgment instead of a full blown high court case. Statements from the big media gang say they are seeking to “clarify” the law, this seems like a good way to achieve that without crushing BNSL out of existence.