Bypass proud to sponsor NetHui & lead Net Neutrality debate

Bypass is proud to announce their sponsorship of NetHui 2015, being held by Internet New Zealand. As a team, we will be involved in two workshops;

If you’re not up to speed on Net Neutrality, and how important it is we’ve provided some links to videos below. These videos are about the Net Neutrality issues in India and the US which unfolded as a result of inaction from ISPs. They’re funny, but have a very serious theme.

  1. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality
  2. AIB : Save The Internet

Internet New Zealand has also invited everyone to collaborate with them, and the New Zealand Internet Community in understanding Network Neutrality in a New Zealand context!

Click here to view the InternetNZ discussion document, and here to participate in the survey and provide feedback!