Is your network NFV ready?

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is an initiative to virtualize the network services that are now being carried out by proprietary, dedicated hardware. NFV is designed to decrease the amount of proprietary hardware that’s needed to launch and operate network services.

This fundamental shift from physical to virtualized network functions with NFV is the next step forward for communications service providers. The ability to move traditional core network services such as routers and firewalls onto virtual machines will allow organisations to quickly respond to the demands put on their network in a cost-efficient and flexible manner.



Source: Spirent

Operators who are poised to begin adopting these new technologies and can deliver new products to their customers much faster using over fully virtualized networks. This is because value added services like Buddy Guard sit inside a resource catalogue, inside be the central location for building and defining these new products, exposing them to your sales channels and delivering them with zero-touch automation. This enables customers to turn on new services in minutes, using a self-service portal. With NPV the time-to-market is greatly reduced, and service automation and virtualization drive down deployment and operational costs.

NFV enables telecommunication providers the capability to offer new services to our customers in a very agile and flexible way, and the capability to bring up new functionalities on our network very quickly, coming from multiple partners.


Source: Juniper

This new model means that security performance in NFV will be key. With the bulk of the applications is moving to a cloud infrastructure, that means the security must be inside the virtualized cloud. This requires a focus on the so-called east-west traffic that is changing hands in the data centre at the virtualization layer. Buddy Guard uses a stateful security model – in which all applications are monitored in real-time — to provide enhanced security for east-west traffic within the app and the data centre, implemented closest to VMs and containers.

Speak with us about out NPV Ready Network Level Parental Controls Platform and NPV Router Strategy today.

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