Front Page News – India Economic Times

Front page news certainly travels fast. Last week Bypass was featured in a front page new article by the Economic Times of India.

Telco VAS Parental Controls India

The news was soon picked up by several other websites as speculation about who the first provider might be to launch network level parental controls in India might be?  Bypass’s focus on emerging markets is proving useful, as Bypass’s as intelligent DNS platform which is user aware is proving to set our solution apart from last generation providers. Relihan Myburgh, appointed as CTO mid-2015 explains, usually DNS is focused on high performance, whereas Bypass’s Intelligent DNS is user aware and high performance.

Using an AAA radius feed from the telco Buddy Guard’s underlying proprietary DNS technolgy understands who the user is and what policy should be applied, its smart enough to know if it should serve up the DNS request from the telco’s DNS server of applying a policy from the HTTP and DNS filters.

The speed at which this is applied is what sets Bypass apart from a standard DNS provider.  Even better, unlike a with a traditional DPI platform which see’s all user traffic, Bypass’s DNS intelligent DNS offers the end user much higher levels of privacy and does not store any end user records.

The benefit of this to the CFO is network can rationalise a cost centre while providing marketing with a value added service that increases the value of the broadband connection.

You can see an electronic version of the Economic Times article here or more coverage from the same from Tech in Asia. The News Minute and Zee News India. You can read more about Buddy Guard parental controls for telco’s here.

VAS Telco Parental Controls

Telco Parental Controls

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