Bypass Network Services to launch Global Mode for mobile in India

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Bypass Network Services Limited (Bypass) is excited to announce an agreement has been reached with Varun Sood to represent Bypass in India. The focus of the partnership is the emerging market of geo-unblocking for mobile providers. The agreement is to provide mobile operators and fixed line Internet providers in India with local market representation for Bypass’ world first geo-unblocking product Global Mode. The relationship is already showing benefits with two prominent ISPs in India undertaking the first stages of due diligence.

Varun, an Oxford Business School MBA, joins Bypass with an extensive background in International Business Development & Strategy. Bypass selected Varun based on his professional experience and business relationships in Asia, Africa, and Europe and the understanding of Net Neutrality principles.

“Now is the perfect time for mobile operators to be considering Global Mode due to the Net Neutrality debate,” says Varun. “Bypass is a strong advocate for Net Neutrality, and deploying Global Mode enhances consumer choice to differentiate a mobile offer in a competitive market to grow revenue.”

Net Neutrality is very important for India’s future economic growth. Global Mode is designed to remove unjustified commercial barriers on the internet which restrict the customer’s right to use the Internet the way they choose. ISP’s who support Net Neutrality should be seriously considering the role they can play in removing geo-blocking at a technical level, not just as a policy statement.

Smart DNS services are estimated to be used by over 25% of global Internet users though mainly technical savvy users. Global Mode is integrated into the broadband network to automatically enable geo-blocking removal for ALL users on the network. Thus, it’s much simpler to implement and increases the value of the connection through bundling.

“Only four countries in the world have this method of geo-blocking removal in place. We’re excited to be working with Varun, helping to open up parts of The Internet in India that have until now been inaccessible. Research has shown that the more The Internet is open, the more economic benefit a country receives.” said Patrick Jordan-Smith, CEO of Bypass.

About Bypass Network Services Limited

Bypass provides PaaS products for residential Internet service providers & mobile operators to rapidly capture market share & reduce churn through differentiating their offer in a competitive market. Global Mode® is the world’s first network level managed geo-unblocking solution. Global Mode® is a PaaS and can be deployed in any size broadband network in under ½ a day.

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