Slingshot’s GM speaks about Front Up on NZTV Breakfast

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New scheme price checks Kiwi vs. rest of world prices and finds New Zealanders are being overcharged on products and services compared to consumers overseas. Slingshot launched Front Up to start a conversation to help show that Kiwis pay over-the-odds for many of the everyday products we buy. By pointing out some of the glaring differences in the cost of goods between ourselves and those other countries we like to consider similar, Front Up hopes to spark a consumer revolution – or at least more awareness.

Taryn Hamilton says “We believe that living full time in New Zealand, we often don’t realise the exceptional prices we pay for the privilege of making a beautiful country our home…

To watch the full video visit:

Slingshot identified some pretty hefty price premiums Kiwis are paying for some of the world’s most popular products, from the world’s biggest brands. Then they went to these companies and asked them to Front Up and explain why this is the case.



Front Up Slingshot Global Mode

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