TUANZ backs Slingshot in ad row

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The Telecommunications Users Assocation is backing Slingshot in the ISP’s ad row with Sky TV, TVNZ and Mediaworks.

“Tuanz supports Slingshot in bringing competition and choice to its customers, our understanding is that ‘Global Mode’ is legal under the copyright act and is simply a form of digital parallel importing,” acting CEO Chris O’Connell tells NBR ONLINE.

“We are disappointed to see broadcasters using their position to try and limit consumers right to know about legitimate choices for accessing content. New Zealanders are global digital consumer and should be able to access and purchase content.

“The same applies to NZ content that is geoblocked, when our missing million really is the Kiwi diaspora, surely we need to be a beacon of openess and freedom.”

TVNZ has decided to a run revised version of Slingshot’s ad, while MediaWorks has staunchly refused.

Sky TV said it no longer wanted to talk to the media about the controversy, only its client, Slingshot. However, a rep for Slingshot tells NBR the pay TV broadcaster has refused to run the edited version.

Source: NBR

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