BNSL launches Buddy Guard

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A wide-open Internet is unsafe for children. Pornography and other adult content is available with ease to curious young minds, and often appears without any explicit action on the part of the child. Social media websites can be distracting and kids are spending more and more time playing games online.

Buddy Guard is a white-label managed service for ISP’s which helps residential customers protect their kids online. The solution is pay as you go and offers the ISP over 60% margin with no upfront capital investment. It works by stopping kids from seeing inappropriate websites from their broadband connection based on time period & category. Because it sees all DNS queries, it is impossible to workaround.

Buddy Guard enables your customer to block inappropriate websites, based on a time period and category. It provides end users the option to customise filters or select preprogrammed filters – like blocking social media and gaming sites, which commonly distract children during homework time.

Offer consumers the choice to stop their teens sending them to the Copyright Tribunal with a simple UI in the ISP portal. – The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011 is proven ineffective at stopping piracy.

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