BNSL announces Deluge

deluge, technology, upgrade, viper

Integrated into VIPER, BNSL’s new global network code named DELUGE allows BNSL to continue it’s exponential user growth. Initial testing showing scalability and ease of deployment will allow seamless on-boarding of 1 Million users overnight.

Over the past three months, we’ve been building Deluge into our new global proxy network. It’s the only proxy network designed to scale 1M+ users overnight. The solution is built using GO  (from Google) and it improves our network reliability, as well as reduces latency.

Because of this upgrade, we’ve been delayed adding new domains. Combined with our new IP allocation we’re in growth mode again and within two months the number of domains in the network will have doubled. For those of sites that have VIPER installed these sites will be added to VIPER automatically.

Retail focused geo-unblocking solutions provision subscribers one by one. Deluge is the only global proxy designed network designed and proven to scale to one million users overnight. Built in Go, and deployed using Ansible, Deluge is quick & scalable. DELUGE provides reliable access and reduces latency.


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