BNSL launches first Regional Wireless Provider

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Gisborne Net is the first of many regional ISP’s who to take advantage of the scalable pricing model designed for any size ISP.

Global Mode® allows any size organisation to have an effective value add strategy without capital investment and allows smaller operators to ability to over the top content strategy to drive uptake of fibre services.

More cost effective than developing your own platform internally Gisborne.Net was the first regional provider to adopt Global Mode.

BNSL offers a white label managed service. This means Bypass is responsible for providing the global application network, 2nd level support for the service and on-going continual improvement, such as the addition of new services, countries and supported devices.

The rates are also scaled such that the service is cost effective even for a regional ISP, allowing smaller operators to compete head-on with the big boys with an effective over the top content strategy. We also allow you to use our registered Trademark Global Mode® as the product brand.

The service has designed to be deployed as an add-on to large-scale ISP networks to enable the ISP to provide value-added services to their customers to show the value of high speed broadband connectivity and increase customer ‘stickiness’.

Gisborne.Net recognised that by implementing Global Mode they could will save their users will save time and money, by removing their own VPNs, subscription services, each of which can cost $5US+ per month, plus ultimately they hope to decrease illegal peer to peer file sharing.

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