BNSL Releases VIPER – within 6 months VIPER is processing over 2 Billion DNS queries per day.

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VIPER – BNSL’s new integrated DNS filtering virtual appliance. Average policy decision time for a query is 300 microseconds on standard server hardware. A single-core VM can handle 4,000 queries-per-second without slowing down.

VIPER – there’s nothing like it anywhere in the world, so we had to build it.

VIPER is a transparent DNS filter which allows inspection of DNS traffic without interrupting the customer experience. The applications include user-based policies for stopping access to sites, for location based website awareness and policies like preventing access to the Internet if a bill is not paid.  VIPER allows policies to be applied at the end user level dynamically.

VIPER powers both Global Mode® and Buddy Guard so that means, one install two products, how cool it that! Buddy Guard enables your customer to block inappropriate websites, based on a time period and category. It provides end users the option to customise filters or select pre-programmed filters – like blocking social media and gaming sites, which commonly distract children during homework time.

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