Global Mode® Beta Release

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BNSL is the world’s first wholesale geo-unblocking specialist provider designed for ISP’s.

We launched Global Mode open up the Internet and give consumers choice. We removed artificial geographical boundaries created due to out-of-date commercial reasoning.

We give broadband users a reason to upgrade to high-speed internet and with that drive access to improved health care, education and global commerce.

Global Mode® was developed in conjunction with a closed group of 30 senior network engineers. Our goals are simple.

Our goals for Global Mode were simple, reduce piracy and make it simpler for mum’s and dad’s to access global streaming services which provided on demand content they could pay to access.

  • Promote and protect the global free flow of information
  • Promote an open, distributed and interconnected nature of the Internet
  • Promote and enable the cross-border delivery of services

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